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The money you collected contributes to your classes’ weekly totals.

Each week the class with the highest fundraising per student will earn one of the following: Popcorn Party, Ice Cream Party, or Extra Recess.


Your name will be entered to win exciting prizes such as gift cards, board games, treats, or other fun items! 

Bunny in Hat.png


Your name will be entered to win a grand prize such as higher value gift cards, a bike, opportunity to “pie” a teacher, or other amazing items!

You also earn an extra hour of bounce time on the inflatables after school on Field Day.



In addition to the prizes and opportunities listed in the previous levels, you will also receive an invitation to participate in an extra hour of recess, complete with music, games and one item from the ice cream truck.  (Date is to be determined and will not occur during Field Day.)


The Top 6 Fundraisers

Three students will get the opportunity to slime a teacher at the end-of-the-year assembly and three students will receive a catered lunch with friends.

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